Research and Events

First Check on Italy’s Jobs Act – Conference organized for updating our clients

Enrico Brugnatelli’s Ninetieth Birthday

New Partners In Our Firm

Executives’ employment contracts – What has changed

MondialGroup, agreement reached and signed

Round Table with Mr Carlo Fossati

News Item regarding Italy’s Jobs Act by Mr Mandruzzato and Ms Bittolo, in ABA’s NL

Jobs Act: Il contratto di lavoro a tutele crescenti e il codice semplificato

Training session for Credito Valtellinese Banking Group

Collective dismissals: presentation by Carlo Fossati at Bicocca University

New Simplified Code Of Labour Law

Labour Law Litigation – Procedure

Meeting in Milan, Via Mascheroni, 31

Milan,  Four Seasons Hotel

Meeting at Stresa – Regina Palace Hotel

Employment law, latest amendments to “Fornero Reforms”

Pro-Bono. Helping “CAV Mangiagalli Onlus” raise funds

“Comments by Professionals on recent Reforms”

Refresher Course on Labour Law – Ferrara

Recent Case Law on Individual and Collective Dismissals

Interest Rate Restrictions: Anatocism Today

Administrators’ Liability Pursuant To Italian Regulations

Italy’s Labour Reforms: What’s Up, What’s Missing

Legal Requirements about job related stress, how to change burdens into profitable HR management

Anti-money Laundering Operations and Requirements

Legislative Decree 2001/231, How to Fulfill Health and Security Requirements

Financial Statements, Closing Process, and Classified Balance Sheets

CorporateLiveWire Expert Guide – Foreign Investment

Corporate managers protection – following up to Thyssen sentence

Round table meeting of bank officers

New Regulations by Italy Bill 1441-quater