Employment Relations

Dispute resolution and judicial assistance with labour, trade union and social security matters

Our lawyers harness their knowledge and experience to provide legal advice and judicial assistance in case of employment-related dispute or litigation. We represent our clients at court throughout Italy, before national higher courts, the European Court of Justice, and arbitration panels. Employment-related matters may include:

  • employment contracts for executives and managers;
  • agency contracts;
  • compliance with or disputes related to data protection regulations (including GDPR);
  • individual or collective dismissals;
  • claims to higher qualifications;
  • claims for damages for bullying and demotion;
  • non-competition obligations following termination of the relationship;
  • whistleblowing;
  • social security litigation.

Out-of-court assistance and day-to-day HR management

The operations of our company clients’ businesses vary across the many sectors they belong to, and they are structured according to the requirements of the specific industries. Our company clients can be confident that we put their needs first to help them manage employees, collaborators and agents on a day-by-day basis. We provide assistance with payroll operations thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Studio Tresoldi, expert in payroll, labour counselling, and the related regulatory issues.

Employment and labour relations in extraordinary operations

In cases of company acquisitions or sales, including international ones, we provide assistance with every employment-related operation and issue, including, without limitation, personnel management, employee repatriation, cross-border transfer or secondment, and labour due diligence in close contact with the financial advisors of the transactions.

Government Agencies and Public Employment

Our law firm provides assistance to local authorities, economic and non-economic public bodies, public and mixed investee companies. Our advice is sought for day-by-day HR management and our judicial assistance covers all matters concerning managers or employees of the various departments, as well as staff employed by investee companies and special companies (municipalised, consortia, mixed companies) through subordinate or flexible employment contracts.

Among our lawyers, we have experts in issues related with public tenders, including, inter alia,

  • ranking and grading;
  • promotions and changes of duties;
  • mobility;
  • employment termination;
  • civil, military and war insurance, even before the Court of Audit.

Our expertise extends to cases related to liability of public employees in administration or accounting fields, from disciplinary to governance perspective.

Public Administration Contracts

We provide legal services and assistance to entrepreneurs, private companies, as well as public bodies and companies, in the area of administrative law, both contentious and non-contentious, in the areas of public contracts, tenders and public procurement for infrastructure, construction and urban planning, energy and environment, health and pharmaceuticals.

Banks, Company, and Bankruptcy Law

As regards banking law, our law firm provides legal counselling and advice to leading credit institutions, pension funds and their associated companies in the following fields:

  • sureties;
  • autonomous guarantees, including international ones;
  • credit facilities;
  • mortgages;
  • current accounts;
  • investment services in financial instruments;
  • factoring;
  • leasing;
  • fiduciary mandates;
  • anti-money laundering legislation.

Sales, distribution, and agency contracts

Our law firm assists companies operating at different levels in the most diverse market areas, both domestic and international. We help them negotiate and draft the most suitable types of contracts for their business operations, whether “typical contracts” or not according to the Italian Civil code, including:

  • procurement contracts and participation in tenders;
  • insurance contracts;
  • agency contracts;
  • distribution contracts;
  • business leases;
  • transfer of know-how.

Debt restructuring for companies in crisis, as well as bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings

Thanks to our collaboration with financial experts, our assistance across multiple legal disciplines provides a holistic perspective for complex matters to businessmen and companies. We help them draft and execute debt restructuring agreements and file applications for settlement with creditors. We provide assistance to both creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and receivers/commissioners in typical bankruptcy law actions, including:

  • actions for damages;
  • actions for revocation;
  • claims to liabilities;
  • oppositions to the statement of liabilities;
  • participation in the creditors’ committee
  • out-of-court settlements.

Corporate and bankruptcy litigation

Our lawyers have extensive experience in banking, financial, and corporate litigation before specialised chambers. Our clients can rely on us to defend their holdings, interpret contracts, and protect their corporate assets.

Families – Persons and Properties

In the event of family crisis, our lawyers specialising in family law deliver high responsiveness and the utmost attention to clients’ needs and concerns. We provide legal advice, ADR and judicial assistance in case of 

  • separation of married or de facto couples
  • divorce
  • adoption and family fostering
  • acknowledgement or disavowal of paternity
  • statement of incapability or interdiction
  • guardianship
  • asset fund establishment
  • trust establishment;
  • situations of juvenile hardship.

Inheritance law, focused on the protection of rights and properties

Our specialist lawyers have sound experience in handling disputes over wills, trusts and inheritance. Our assistance, hence, is focused on preventing, as well as resolving, them in the following situations:

  • acquisition and division of inheritances;
  • testamentary succession;
  • legitimate succession;
  • cooperation with notaries in drafting testamentary dispositions;
  • assistance in litigation arising from inheritance;
  • family business handover to younger generation.

Lawsuits for compensation and liability

Whenever a civil liability is to be charged or, conversely, defence is needed against a claim for compensation, we offer the in-depth experience and expertise of our professionals in a wide range of cases, including:

  • privacy violations;
  • contractual liability damages;
  • compensation for damages in tort;
  • professional liability claims;
  • claims for damages for defamation in the press
  • issues arising from real estate sales and leases;
  • condominium disputes;
  • judgements arising from rights in rem such as usufruct, use, habitation, easements, pledge, mortgage.

Criminal Law – At work, preventive, and in case of trial

Our law firm provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance to businessmen, managers, professionals, workers under investigation, and to persons – physical or legal – offended by crimes.

Assistance includes preventive action or protection in trials for

  • accidents at work;
  • medical negligence;
  • tax offences;
  • computer crimes;
  • corporate offences;
  • offences against government agencies;
  • property crimes.

Our clients turn to us from a prevention stage to any defensive investigations. We defend them in trial or help them act as civil plaintiffs before authorities of all orders and degrees. They may also rely on our network of trusted consultants and specialists throughout Italy.

Investors in Italy from abroad

Foreign companies having a start-up or business expansion plan in Italy can rely on our law firm for information and accompaniment services. Our lawyers specialising in cross-border operations and corporate law are a point of reference from the preliminary to the post-establishment phases.  In recent years, a dedicated team has developed an extensive network of relationships in Italy and China, accompanying Italian companies in their internationalisation processes, or assisting foreign clients in the acquisition of assets in Italy and their subsequent management.

Businessmen and corporate groups turn to us for the conclusion and execution of agreements in the areas of contracting, insurance, agency, distribution, business leasing, transfer of know-how, and in case of litigation.